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Our Services

Our team oil and gas professionals have worked closely with so many companies to provide Integrated engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) services with a sterling track record of delivering cost-efficient solution on time and within budget. While we provide the EPCIC as an integrated service package, each service component can also be delivered as standalone service package. From project conceptualization, process simulation, development and commissioning, we leverage our global network of partners and our highly-experienced, dedicated professionals to achieve success for our customers. We stand out for our ability to get the job done to the highest quality standards.

At Ezion-Geber, we recognize that there is no typical project and no single strategy, process or organization that will give success every time. Nonetheless, our activities are supported by a tailored and integrated set of project management processes, standardized project practices and change management processes that increase our ability to adapt to project and industry changes. Projects are meticulously managed and monitored to ensure maximum efficiency with respect to schedule and cost. By emphasizing preinstallation planning and customer liaison, we ensure seamless integration and minimize the impact on ongoing client operations. Our areas of focus include, but not limited to Project Planning and Cost Estimation, Procurement & Procurement Management, Installation Advice & Management, Construction Advice & Management, Commissioning Support, Technical Support & Studies, etc.

Fabrication work is carried out from our base in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. This facility allows for major fabrication, equipment storage, and stacking for onshore, swamp and offshore projects. Our wide experience and competencies in welding and fabrication is second to none and in conformity with acceptable international code and standards. We have undertaken fabrication activities listed for notable international oil companies across Nigeria including, but not limited to:
• Pipe spools, Piles and Manifold
• Decks, Jackets and Bridges
• Storage Tanks
• Onshore / Offshore Blasting & Painting (Corrosion control)
• In-Yard / Workshop fabrication

An integrated provider of innovative services for drilling and well services, Ezion-Geber operates a fleet of high quality onshore and offshore rigs ranging from highly mobile units to large rigs capable of drilling extended reach wells. Our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering platform wells, coupled with exceptional capabilities in asset and rig equipment management places us in a unique position to deliver solutions across a wide spectrum of onshore and offshore operations – from exploration drilling through to well abandonment.

From feasibility to concept development, design, front-end engineering, and installation, we offer oil and gas producers integrated subsea and deepwater services. Complemented by our expert team’s global experience in subsea operations we deliver projects with reduced project risk, increased efficiency and improved safety performance. With a proven track record providing subsea construction, installation, repairs and support activities, we routinely deliver projects on time and within budget. We will work with clients to ensure their subsea asset integrity and maximise production uptime. When subsea infrastructure has reached the end of its useful life, and is ready for planned abandonment activities, our teams can help with executing environmentally compliant decommissioning services.

We are capable of performing the following maintenance services independently and in partnership with some of the industry leading names as may be required for specialized activities. Our maintenance services include but not limited to Repair, Refurbishment / Overhaul and Complete Replacement covering both field Interventions and workshop-based operations. We focus on Facility Maintenance, Equipment Maintenance, Surface Protection and Inspection and Subsea Repairs and Maintenance.

We provide Procurement and Strategic Sourcing service to companies in the oil and gas industry. Our focus is getting the best value for money by ensuring our clients receive the correct product, built to the correct specification, on time and within budget. With many years of procurement experience in the oil industry and extensive contacts of manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world, Ezion-Geber Energy Limited can source every material or equipment your company may need and fulfil any requirement. As the Procurement and Local Content regulations of oil and gas producing countries has become a significant challenge for multinational companies doing business within those countries, we work with clients to navigate those regulations to import material and equipment legally and efficiently.

We provide marine services to oil and gas projects and infrastructure throughout Nigeria, including workboats and platforms for jetty repairs, loading arm craneage and marine transportation. Our vessels include Multi-Purpose Support Vessels, Multi-Purpose Anchor Handler Vessels, and Construction Support Vessels. Our crews have vast expertise in fleet management, optimization and maintenance. We provide specialized support for oil and gas tankers, salvage for vessels in distress, offshore transport, towing and diving. We also provide launch platforms for logistics supplies to offshore rigs and mining vessels.